Monday, 4 March 2013

Converting the Garage

It was coming up to our first Christmas in our new house. We had done so much to the garden and the house that we were really looking forward to starting converting the garage into our dream bedroom and en-suite. We had planned it all out and had been waiting for the Christmas Holidays as I was at home for 2 weeks and would be able to help.
These are photos showing the garage before the work. As you can see it was a major job. The previous owner was a hoarder, saving just about anything and everything. We set about the clearing task with gusto.
We had a big problem looming on the horizon. Kev was not well. He didn't feel ill but his appetite had reduced and he had lost so much weight that he was skinnier than me. We visited the doctors and they did test after test but could find nothing wrong. Exhaustion, was the diagnosis and for this reason I decided to get the builders in once more. I felt that having the work done by someone else would take the pressure of us and allow Kev to relax a little and hopefully put some weight back on.

We had a fantastic Spanish builder, who has since become a very good friend of ours. He really liked what we were trying to do here and always thinks of us if anything comes his way that he thinks we could use. The idea was just to get the bare bones done so that we could finish it off when Kev was fitter.
Garage doors out
French doors will go in here
Walk in wardrobe being built
Door to the en-suite
Hole for the window
Electrics going in
Cupboard going in
Walk in wardrobe being fitted
Stained and ready to fill
Cupboard finished
So all we had left to do was put down the floor and paint. What a difference 4 weeks makes. Look at the following photos to see it finished.
French doors done
Window in all double glazed
New door into the bedroom
Walk in wardrobe on the left, en-suite on the right
Door in front into the main house.