Thursday, 7 March 2013

Starting off the soft fruit

Trees were planted, vegetables were growing too, next was the soft fruit. I love soft fruit...all types, it was just a natural progression to start growing it.
We made a list and set about trying to source the plants locally. This seemed to take forever as no where stocked the currant bushes we wanted. While we were searching we also tried to sort out the patch of land that the plants would go on. This was a big task for such as small area!

As you can see from the photos, we had fencing everywhere. There were posts concreted into the ground and posts built from concrete filled blocks. There were 2 beautiful pear trees right in the middle of the plot. We had to choose to remove them otherwise the soft fruit would not get enough water to grow well. We planted new so this made us feel a little less guilty.

Ground ready for planting
Black currant
Red currant
white currant
raspberries red and yellow

As we moved though the Summer months we realised we had a big problem. The ground still sloped slightly (even after all our effort) and so the water was running away from the bushes. This had to be remedied otherwise the bushes would surely die from the heat. We carried the rock theme on into this part of the garden as it had worked so well with the trees.
These rings contained the water for the bushes and they survived their first summer.