Monday, 1 April 2013

Recycling Part 2...Pallets

The first year we lived here, we were on the look out for pallets. Normally here you  pay for pallets when you order something and get the money back when you return it. This is because wood is in short supply and very, very expensive.
A friend of a friend had some old pallets he didn't want any more and they ended up on our land. There were just a few...ha ha.

We thought we had loads here but they don't take long to use up.
The first thing we used them for was the goat shed. Kev built this from scratch. We are so lucky that he can visualise something and just work out how to build it.

Split door to enable the bottom to be closed and top open
When we got the turkeys Kev had to build a house for them. The pallets came in very handy for that

We used an old kitchen cupboard door so that the access was big enough!

Then we decided to breed chickens and needed another house for the chicks to grow to the correct weight before slaughtering. This was a smaller version of this turkey house.

One of the chicks enjoying the perch!

We found out that the summers are too hot to grow salad crops here so we wanted planters that we could move around the garden at different times of the year. So my clever husband set about building them all different sizes for the different crops

 Small one for spring onions and radish
 larger one for tomatoes or lettuce
Two for cucumbers
He even used one of the larger planters and changed it into a little chicken run for the chicks to go in during the day when they first go outside. This stops the dog from trying to eat them!

Next he set about building the rabbit for the male (the smaller one) and a bigger one for the female to make sure she had enough room to have her babies,


We are now looking for more pallets as we have run out! The next project that we are thinking about is trying to make some garden furniture with pallets. This would look good on the terrace by the pool or dotted around the garden. We will keep you informed of how we get on!