Sunday, 7 April 2013

Recycled Strawberry Planters

This was an idea that I saw on the Internet somewhere. It looked fabulous and the more we thought about it the more the idea began to grow.
Here in Casinos in the summer months it is just too hot for the strawberries to survive. These planters allow the water to evaporate  but it then condenses on the top of the bottle again so the soil stays moister for longer.

What you will need.
3 plastic bottle
Take a plastic bottle and cut a hole in it.

Fill with compost to make the bottle stronger

Tie string around the fat end and double knot

Tie another piece of string to it and double knot

Join it to the second bottle string

Tie a piece of string to the neck of the bottle and run it to the second bottles neck

Take another piece of string, tie to the bottle top and at the end make a loop to hang it with

Repeat at the fat end of the bottle...this will be the top bottle

Should look like this

Next we hung them and then tied on the third bottle

Always double knot or more

You can now plant whatever you want to in your bottles. We put in strawberry plants and hung them outside on the wall.
We are planning on using this method for all our strawberry runners as we can fix yogurt pots to the bottle while the runners root and then plant straight into the bottles.