Sunday, 5 May 2013

Weed Killer

I saw this on the internet (although they used cider vinegar) and just had to see if it worked. We grow everything organically here, so no pesticides or herbicides will be used under any circumstances. We try to companion plant to stop the pests and introduce more of the predators in order to create a natural balance within our garden. Weeds however, are a major problem. I seem to be forever weeding the rock paths, taking the stones out and digging up the roots and then replacing the rocks.
As you can see in the photo the weeds just take over and almost hide the paths. We could have concreted the rocks in but we wanted the garden to look as natural as possible. To find an organic weed killer was just the best find ever...cutting down on the work for me.

This is not a very clear photo but it was sprayed just 4 hours before on a sunny day and you can see the weed is already brown. I was amazed at how quickly and effectively it killed the tops. I sprayed this path once and it stayed clear for almost 3 weeks. Obviously the spray does not kill the roots with just one application perhaps you will need 2 or 3 to actually kill the roots off.

10 fluid ounces of any vinegar (I used red wine as that was what I had)
1 table spoon of salt.
Washing up liquid

Mix all the ingredients together
Place in a spray bottle
Spray where needed. (It really is that simple)

We use this on the paths to keep the weeds from hiding the rocks. I have found that spraying it in the morning on a fine day will kill the weeds by dinnertime. I just use this for the low growing weeds. I guess it would be just as effective on bigger weeds but the amount you would have to make would be times 10.