Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Heat stroke...possibly

Our  first summer here was very, very hot, 45 degrees and above throughout August. We set up and outdoor shower to enable us to cool off  but this just wasn't enough. We had talked about having a swimming pool but it was not high on our priority list. Amazing how things change when the heat is so unbearable.
The first thing we had to do was move the fence , well take some of it down. We needed access for the building stuff to be delivered. This meant that while the pool was being built we could not go out. The dog would have followed us to where ever we would have gone. So for 3 months we were hermits!
We decided to move the fence about 30m, this would give us space around the pool for a 3m terrace.
The first job was to get a JCB to dig out the hole for the pool. This took 3 days as it was all bedrock. The poor digger driver, outside in sweltering heat. We kept giving him drinks and even cooked him dinner.  Bonus though he is now a very good friend of ours.  He also removed all of the trees that needed to come out, free of charge. That saved us a lot of work as until then we have been digging them out by hand!


New fence posts in.
Walls going up

The pool only partly sank
Water pipes going in
Tiles going on
So now the pool was in it was time to crack on with the terrace.  3m all the way around the edge of the pool. Another massive task.