Monday, 25 February 2013

The Garden, the fence and the trees.

This has been a massive task and is still on going  3 years later. These next 2 photos show you what the whole garden was like when we bought it...overgrown was not the word.

We bought a petrol strimmer and began the massive clear up. The previous owner had a thing about fencing off parts of the garden, but so that you couldn't enter those parts. He concreted posts all over the garden and we had to remove them to open the garden up.

We gathered lots of fencing that we have since used for the chicken pen (for new chicks) and the rabbit run too.
3 weekends spent strimming and this is the finished result.

The side of the house same as photo 1
The back of the house
The front
The entrance
Our problem was where to begin. If we wanted to grow vegetables we would have to clear parts of the garden, make beds to improve the soil and we couldn't see a way of doing this without the trees going. A 25 foot pine growing in the middle of your vegetable bed is not really the way to go when you want to produce food. This was a hard decision as we dont like getting rid of trees but we compromised in that we decided to start growing fruit trees and would be replanting more than we pulled up!