Saturday, 23 February 2013

Parents bombshell

At the end of April my parents got in touch and told us that they were coming over to visit in May and that they wanted to see the house. To say we were panic stricken would be a fair comment. We had had the house for about 3 weeks. It was a complete building site inside and out. We did have hot running water but no shower. The kitchen was a complete mess after having the wall knocked out. Dust was everywhere and my mother is asthmatic! We had to do something and fast!
We decided to prioritise, bathroom first and then the kitchen.

Bearing in mind this was a bedroom, it all went rather smoothly. Toilet and sink installed and ready for use.

Shower base and hot water in place they would at least have somewhere to wash! We had to paint the wall with a waterproof covering as we didn't have time to tile it before they arrived! I bought 2 shower curtains just to keep the water contained. When ever you showered the heat from the hot water would pull the curtain into the shower so you would be fighting to keep it off you!

As we were trying to be "greener" we bought a second hand kitchen instead of new. This was sitting outside on the terrace when my parents arrived.

This was the state of my kitchen when my parents arrived. The wall between the old bathroom and kitchen has been removed. This left a mixture of really bad tiles on the wall blue and orange!
The oven you can see was gas and was left by the previous owner. I cleaned the top up so that it was usable but inside the oven was just beyond repair. We only ever cooked on top. We also had a
bar-b-que outside and I got quite good at cooking on that!

While my parents were visiting, my dad helped to fit the kitchen, removing the tiles

We had to buy new worktop as the old piece just wouldn't fit.

Finished article... well almost...we needed plug sockets putting in along with the wiring. My dad was going to do this but we ran out of time. So it had to wait until his next visit. But to go from a shell to somewhere near a fully functional kitchen in 1 week was just amazing! I had hot running water too! Not bad for a months work at the weekends!