Thursday, 28 February 2013

Herb wheels

Once the terrace was built the next step was to begin organising the garden at the front.  Herbs were a must for us here, as I use them a lot in cooking. Deciding what I wanted to grow was easy...everything, but where and how was another matter.
As the terrace was made out of all straight lines, I wanted the garden to take off the squareness. This was when we hit upon the idea of herb wheels. I wanted to build 2, one for herbs and one for spices.

The wheel was marked out with string and a piece of wood a bit like a maths compass.  This was the easy bit! Next I had to find the rocks (from the pool pile) that were flat enough but big enough for the outer edge. I wanted a double layer so that we could use them as pathways around the garden.
Following that the centre circle was marked out using smaller stones

This is the dividing lines going in, 8 segments in all.
 The finished wheel and some herbs planted.
Then it needed to be repeated all over again.
This one was supposed to be the spice bed

You can see how the 2 sit side by side with a pathway in the middle.
The first wheel after 2 months growing.
As I always say one job leads to another. We liked the effect so much that I decided to build paths around where we wanted to plant our fruit trees. So the next project was making the fruit tree forest as we call it. Another story for another day.