Thursday, 28 February 2013

Terracing around the pool

As I have said many times before on this blog, (and I am sure I will say it many more!) one job leads to another...or 10 more in our case.
We had the pool finished in about 5 months. This meant we then had to start on the terrace so that we could actually get to the pool without breaking our necks in the process.
This was what we were walking over to get to the garden!
The first job was to dig the footings. This may seem a simple job but we came across bedrock at every step.  This made the task much harder as well as the garden sloping...the footings had to be level otherwise everything else would be out!

This was where the bedrock was
The next job was to concrete the footings and begin building the walls. We are not builders but we gave it a good go!

These are storage cupboards now for pool stuff.
Next step was to fill all of this with rubble and we had enough of it from all the building work, along with the rocks from the pool. We also used smaller rocks from the land for the top. This took about a month and it was as boring a job as we have ever done!

We made sure it was all tamped down ready for the massive amount of concrete it would take. We didn't really want to use this much concrete but there wasn't really another way here and we would only ever be doing this once.
This led onto the mammoth task of tiling the terrace. 114 square metres, and then grouting. We bought the tiles locally as we are all for keeping money in the local community.
We sloped the terrace slightly for runoff when it rained.

The final job was to build the new steps onto the terrace. We chose to have an unconventional shape for the steps, bearing in mind we were not builders!
We didn't think we had done a bad job here for saying we made it up as we went along!